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Shenzhen Fangcheng Seiko Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer who specializes in the production of plastic knobs,aluminum alloy knobs, metal knobs, knob potentiometers. Knob products are all kinds of plastic (double color) knobs, bakelite (bakelite) knobs, metal knobs, aluminum alloy knobs, knobs applicable to adjust the tone, the volume knobs, audio instructions scale knob, instrument and apparatus knobs, electronic appliance knobs, switch knobs, timer knobs, potentiometer knobs, potentiometer knobs, and switch knobs.

Fangcheng Seiko has been trusted and favored by its customers since it's established in 1992. It has developed into one of the large metal knob manufacturers in Guangdong.

Through years of technical experience, we are committed to helping customers design and develop new parts or improve the original designs, and design the lay out of all parts with CAD. For the parts design, we strive to maximize the satisfaction of customer needs, reduce the cost of mold making and quickly put the product into production.

With advanced production equipment and strict product testing system, we produce knob products and electrical peripheral equipment, with a unique, beautiful, original appearance and good internal performance excellence. Our products are sold all over the mainland China as well as Northern America and European countries.  We continue to be high praised by our customers.


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